I have a passion for the web and focus on simple interfaces, interactions & experiences. Every project I tackle is a problem to be solved. Asking questions like ‘how will people use this?’ and ‘why can’t this be simpler?‘.

I learn a lot as I go and only when I learn do I realise how much I still don’t know.

In October 2013, I gave up a job I loved to travel over 4000km to Canada and embark on a six month ski season. I put down the internet and worked in a kitchen; it was just the break I needed to reinvigorate me for the web.

In the end I decided to start my own company focusing on interface and experience design, to continue doing what I love. For three years I worked remotely with clients large and small; from e-commerce shops to large, enterprise, software projects.

Now, I’ve jumped back into the full time employment scene as a Product Designer at Close.io. I’m fortunate enough to still work fully remotely, and with a great team of passionate people.